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If you are guilty of leaving your website untouched and unloved for months on end, then you need to consider our website management service.

So you have invested time and money into having a website developed, but when was the last time you touched it and updated it? If it's more than a couple of months, then your website will typically be seen by the search engines as stale, which will then negatively affect your ranking.

It also means that your customers and visitors have no reason to return to your website, which means they probably aren't aware of your latest and greatest offers, new products you have just got in or new services you can offer.

How long will it be before they forget about you and use your competitor?

So rather than let your website go untouched and stale, let us take on the management of your site and keep it up to date for you. Here's what is included in the service:

Case studies, product reviews and how-to guides are just a few examples of the kind of content we can add to your website, along with appropriate photos.

Having regular new content added to your site will help ensure that your site is loved by both search engines and visitors, resulting in more views and leads for your business.

For websites we have built, our website management service starts at £45 per month. For all other websites, rates start at £55 per month.

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