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There is no shortage of software packages out on the market today, loaded with lots of shiny features and promising to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. The trouble with a lot of these ‘one-size-fits-all’ software packages is that they often have to be monstrously complicated to cover all the different kinds of businesses and all the different ways of working.

(Think about Microsoft Excel and how many buttons there are in the toolbar. Do you know what all those buttons do?)

Many businesses will adopt an off-the-shelf software package in their business, spend time and money training their staff on how to use it, maybe engage a consultant or two to try and get it customised to their needs, only to discover that it only does half the job they really want and is still causing mistakes and miscommunications throughout their business. 

That’s where Blue Squirrel Software comes in because we don’t build software that tries to be all things to all businesses; we build software designed for your business that does what you want.

Simplify your way of working

Having software designed and built for your business means it will only contain the features and functionality you actually want and need. There is no need to have complex and cluttered screens filled with unused buttons and features; just have what you need and keep it simple.

Bespoke equals expensive?...think again!

Having custom software produced for your business does require an upfront investment, however, the return on investment can be significant with most solutions paying for themselves within a matter of months. 

In many cases, you may find that investing in bespoke software can work out costing you far less than an off-the-shelf solution once you take into account all the costs associated with implementation, licencing, training, support agreements and consultants,

So not only can you get exactly the software you want, it may well work out costing you far less than something off-the-shelf which doesn't quite do everything you need. 


How the right software can help you save time and money

Getting data in quickly and accurately

Woman typing on laptopLess time typing and re-typing data, less time dealing with mistakes, and more time serving your customers and making money. 

A database is only as good as the information that is entered into it, so having the means to enter data quickly and precisely is essential. Fortunately, we can build in several features to aid that process.

Your web-app could include live validation, ensuring that the data entered matches what is expected. For example, if you enter an individual email address, it can check the address given is in the correct format, reducing the chance of losing information due to a mistype.

In some cases, it is possible to avoid typing entries in altogether with live look-ups. For example, look up a customer's address by taking their postcode and getting a list of addresses to select from, rather than typing the full address in.

Making sense of your data.

Tablet and Paper reportsPull the data you need, when you need it. 

Once the data is loaded into your database, you are then able to control and manipulate that data however you need to. Powerful search and sort functions can be built-in so you can quickly find entries and review your data, so you never need to keep that customer who's called up with a question, waiting long for an answer.

Detailed queries and meaningful reports can be run against database entries, allowing you to analyse your data and quickly make business decisions to keep you ahead of the game. Know how well your products are selling, who in your sales team has brought in the most leads, how often a club member comes in, or how many hours your employee has worked.

Powerful reports can be produced by your database application in a matter of seconds, meaning you can get your back-office staff away from manually processing data and onto more productive tasks, saving you money.


Keeping your data safe.

Padlock on Laptop KeyboardModern tough GDPR-compliant security measures to protect your data and your customers data. 

A key consideration for any business is keeping their data safe and secure, especially when it comes to holding personal information where General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies.

Fortunately, modern servers and software security measures are extremely tough and difficult to hack. Most successful hacks these days occur as a result of users setting weak or guessable passwords or users giving out their security credentials; fortunately, we can build in security measures into our software to mitigate against user weaknesses. Two-factor authentication is a highly effective security measure we often build into our software, which requires a user to enter a one-time code generated by a smartphone app or sent to them when they log in.

Finally, your database application can be built so you can limit what access your employees have to your data, ensuring only those with the correct mandate can access it.

Easy to use

Happy Man drinking TeaLess time training, more time working. 

One of our key objectives in all the bespoke software we produce is to ensure that anyone, no matter what level of computer skill they have, can use the software we have built for you by using clean, logical layouts and large labelled buttons and intuitive menus.

As all the bespoke software projects we produce are designed explicitly for one business, it has only the features and functions you want and need, so there is no need for endless complex menus and buttons.

All of this makes the learning curve for new bespoke software extremely gentle for staff, and often they only need a brief introduction to the software before they are ready to use the software.


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