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Replace before it breaks

Old IBM PcAs technology moves forward, older software solutions inevitable will start to creak under the strain of modern business requirements. Eventually, there will come a day where it will not be usable anymore and potentially could bring your business to a shuddering halt.

As computer hardware and operating systems (such as Windows) get more advanced, support for older software technologies are slowly being withdrawn which, again, could mean that your legacy software might suddenly stop working one day.

We have also seen businesses who run their old software on an old computer, but then find that when that old computer breaks, it's impossible to get suitable replacement parts.

All is not lost, as you can ask us to re-develop the software you rely on and bring it up to modern standards, and in doing so, you can take advantage of powerful modern software features and make it faster and more efficient.

We will also look at migrating your data out of your old software system and loading into the re-developed system, so you won't lose any of your records.

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