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Need a new website?...what are your options when it comes to styling and design?

There are generally two approaches when it comes to designing your next website.

Read on as we discuss the differences and the pro's and con's of each.

What is the difference between a templated website and a custom website?

Simply put, templated websites are prebuilt web pages that can be loaded into your chosen CMS (such as WordPress), customised (to a point) and filled with your own content. Templates are pre-coded with all the basic building blocks to make your website function. Templates simplify the web development process and are often the first port of call for small businesses looking for a quick, functional and cheap website. 

Custom-built websites are built from scratch, uniquely tailored with your business objectives in mind. As the name suggests, they are bespoke and so are much more unique with unlimited options for the website appearance and can offer special features like e-commerce capabilities which templates can’t always handle as well (if at all).

Which is best?

Both have their own pro's and con's, read on to see which option is best for you.

Templated Websites



Custom Websites



Your Bespoke Website

Whether you are looking to make the move from template to custom website or if you are looking to create a custom website for your business, contact Blue Squirrel to discuss your requirements today. Each website we build is bespoke (not a template in sight!) and is tailored to your business objectives, your target audience and your brand.

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