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Content is keyOccasionally, we get approached by someone who has a website for their business, complaining they are not getting many visitors to their site and wants us to help them Search Engine Optimise their site. (SEO)

Now going through someone's website is a service we are happy to perform, and it will involve checking the site from a technical point of view to make sure it makes correct use of (amongst others) page titles, headers and meta tags.

These technical aspects are of course important to ensure that search engines see and list your site appropriately, but usually, the main reason why a website performs poorly is lack of up-to-date content.

One of the factors that determine how Google ranks a website is its popularity, as it wants to ensure that the search results shown are as relevant as possible. If it sees a site is more popular against a given search term, then it will bump them up the ranking.

If for example, you type in the word “News” into Google, the first result (at least at the time of publishing) was BBC news. Why was the BBC first, and not Sky News or one of the newspapers?....the BBC is the most popular, and therefore Google considers it the most relevant search result.

So what can you do to help boost the popularity of your website?...in one word…Content.

Updating your website regularly is key to helping bring more people to your site, and have them come back time and again. Write (or have written) articles about your business, offer how-to guides and advice. Be the go-to website for your business sector.

Use social media to push traffic to your website, shout loudly to your followers when you publish new articles, so they have reason to click and visit your website. Over time you will see more visitors to your website and with more visitors comes more opportunities to turn them into customers. With more visitors, search engines will see your site as popular and are highly likely to boost your site up the search engine results, resulting in even more traffic and opportunities for you. 

You might feel that you don’t have time to write articles and push new content to your site, in which case you should consider our website management service where we will ensure your website is up-to-date, and arrange to have new content produced for your site regularly. Contact us to find out more.


James Edwards