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Welcome to our blog where we regularly publish out articles about our latest projects, new technology and new ideas on how you can make the most of modern software. 

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Middleware helps your business run more efficiently by bring your software systems together.

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SEO Backlinks

Our advise on how to improve your websites SEO through effective use of Backlinks, to drive more traffic to your website.

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2021 Sterling Expo

Our final networking event of the year was the sterling Expo at Sixways Stadium. Here is how we got on.


November Website Madness

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Custom Website or Template

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Why do so many websites look the same?

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of websites out there with the same look and feel? Let's find out why.

Do We Reccomend Wordpress

WordPress: The best option for your next website?

WordPress is one of many platforms you could build your next website on, but is it the right choice for you. Here are our throughts

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Web Designer & Web Developer – What’s in a name?

There two roles are often used interchangeably, but there are crucial differences between the two. Here is why you need both.

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Networking: Starting to get back to normal

Face to face networking has started up again, and we have been out attending events and looking for businesses we can help


Need for Speed

Your website needs to be fast. Slow loading times mean users give up and harm your SEO. Find out why speed is important and how to improve.

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Fair Pricing for Software Development

How to price software development projects

Still Using

Still Using Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer, once the king of the browsers, is now well past its sell-by date and needs to be dumped. Here is why.

How We Use Networking

Our Networking Strategy

Networking is a major part of our marketing strategy, especially with those who seemingly offer the same services as us. Here is our advise

Mery Christmas

Christmas 2020

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas.


Passwords and 2FA

Stop hackers from gaining access to your data. Our advice on how to set strong passwords and why you should set up multi-factor authentication.


Content Content Content

One factor Google and other search engines use to detemine website ranking is popularity. Learn how content is key to getting more visitors.

BS Increase Traffic

Increasing Your Website Traffic

10 unique ways of increasing the traffic to your website

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Affordable Websites for All

Get a new clean, modern and bespoke website for your business and spread the cost over several months.

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How We Build A Website

Explaining the process and steps to build a new modern and mobile friendly website for our clients.

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All About Cookies

Cookies are an essential element of many websites, but there are laws in place governing their use. Is your website compliant or are you breaking the law?

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We Love Umbraco

Find out why we think Umbraco is the best Content Management System (CMS) for your website

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Our New Website

Our new website has been built to include the latest standards and best practises, but what are those standards and why do they matter?